Tuesday, March 14, 2006

John Gibson...Blowhole at large

John Gibson just plain blows......

After listening to this bigoted asshole on Sirius Radio this evening and having him spew "fair and balanced" crap from his mouth about lefties not breeding enough little tin foil hat wearing liberals to overcome the conservative breeders, I had enough of his shit.

The part that made the Bubba's blood boil was having him playing a Native chant and saying "how can anyone breed to that?". I guess he was taking a swipe at the new age folks that tend to be liberal in their politics. He then followed it up with a Christain choir and said that this was more like it. I clearly got the message. Christianity is good and everything else is just stupid.

Funny thing was that no one would even call to talk to him on the air...no one. Guess no one was listening but me, or no one was interested in his trying to start up another crusade against another false right wing load of shit like his war on Christmas.

What a piece of shit this guy is. Fair and balanced my ass.

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