Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NEWSBREAK: A Lying Sack of Crap Breaks Wind

Watch this video

Now watch this one.... the old B.Bubba is checking in for his last daily look at the internets and hears this squeaky, squishy sound eminating from his Silicon Mistress's little ol' speakers. Well, lo and behold if it isn't that old sack of shite, W, breakin wind again.

Yes people, it has just been proven fact that a lying sack of shite can utter noise, no, more than mere noise, actual words...what is that?...I hear I almost intelligible, yet non intelligent auditory squeeze noises coming from the anal stew contained in the the sack. It seems the shite is actually being caught on videotape emitting this strange noises. These strange noises that have been long denied and seem to have never been caught on tape before. Something about a hurricane that was heading our way. Noises claiming "We are prepared". Noises about levees breaking. Noises that once again that prove: once a lying sack of shite, forevever a lying sack of shite.

Damn Cameras.....always spoiling W's fun.

There is a special throne in Hell for W, and old Beelzebubba is going to make sure he's the chair maid. And let me tell you, there's a little dude down there called Hitler that has a beef for W for stealing all his glory as the biggest asshole in history and he's pissed. I bet W will look all cute in his leather SS bondage suit, ball gag in mouth, getting ass raped by that little Nazi midget. Kinky little fucker is all abbout playing in shite so he should have a good time with W.

(Beelzebubba giggling with delite as he takes another shot of shine)

Hell's filling up fast with all these fine Christians. Makes you wonder is there will be enough room left for all us heathens. Party at the Bubba's house after the Rapture, BYOB.

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