Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sam Seder For President

Hellena is a few days behind Crooks & Liars with this, but if you haven't seen the CNN clip of Sam Seder making Church Lady Bob Knight look like a complete dipshit, then click the link and have some fun. Just don't compare the War on Christmas with the Nazis or Sam'll be knocking on your door with a flaming bag of poo to put in your stocking.

Making the Baby Jesus Cry

Ah, nothing like a heart-warming story of a PREACHER and his wife sodomizing their children.

By PATRICK CROTTY / Staff Writer
(Updated: Tuesday, December 6, 2005 5:30 PM CST)

A former Shelby County pastor and his wife pled guilty last week to raping and sodomizing their two children almost 18 years ago.

Ralph Randall Melton and his wife, Cathy G. Melton, of Jemison, pled guilty to first-degree rape and sodomy in Chilton County District Court. The couple is awaiting sentencing.

Melton was arrested in April 2004 after his daughter filed charges with the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Invesitgators said Melton and his wife raped his then-15-year-old daughter repeatedly between 1975 and 1987.

Investigators began collecting evidence after the victim filed a complaint against her father in November 2003. The couple’s son also filed charges after his sister stepped forward, and the wife was also arrested.

Melton was the pastor of Prospect Baptist Church in Wilsonville at the time of his arrest. He also served as pastor of New Salem Baptist Church in Thorsby and Big Springs Baptist Church in Vida.

Hellena thinks church people should worry less about converting the poor heathens of the world, and concentrate on making sure they aren't harboring child fornicators amongst their existing congregations.

Just sayin'........