Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ex-Preacher Molests His Own Grandson

If ever there was a human who needed to be locked in a cell with a 600lb. gorilla that had been fed nothing but viagra and pcp, Larry Nuell Neathery is that man.
Neathery, 56, is on trial on charges involving five boys, including three of his grandsons. The verdict may hinge on whether jurors believe his young accusers or his attorneys' contentions that the boys have falsely accused the former pastor of Westside Victory Baptist Church.

Neathery's grandson acknowledged that he didn't want to talk about the sex acts that the man he called "Pops" forced him to participate in "too many times" to count, starting when he was 5 or 6.
And if that's not enough to make you want to hurl your morning biscuits, there's more -
As he got older, the teen testified, Neathery asked him to remove his pants so they could engage in sex acts. Sometimes, he said, he awoke to find his grandfather having sex with him.
Apparently the abuse continued as the piece of shit grandfather threatened the child with beatings if he talked. To the point of making the child a vegetable.
When he was 7, the teen said, his grandfather took him to another man's house, where the men videotaped a prostitute having sex with the boy. He said his grandfather also had sex with the other man and with the prostitute and looked at pornography on a computer.

The incidents at the other man's house occurred 10 or 15 times over two years, he said, sometimes including his younger brother, who was forced to participate in sex acts with him. The teen said he tried unsuccessfully to stop his grandfather from abusing his younger brother.
The terribly sad part of all this is that the children involved will never be able to put the abuse completely out of their minds even if Neathery gets what is coming to him. Guess Neathery didn't take the teachings of the church very seriously, did he?