Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dress Like a Douchebag Day Unsuccessful in FL


Residents of Orlando sent members of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement packing more than 90 minutes earlier than the white Hitler-wannabees intended. Counterprotestors overwhelmingly outnumbered the hate group, drowning out their rally at the end of the march outside the federal courthouse.

More than 500 counterprotestors showed up to protest the approximately 30 NSM marchers, while more than 300 officers from several agencies, including the Orange and Osceola sheriffs' offices were employed at a cost of "tens of thousands" to prohibit violence. Although 17 people were arrested, there were no officers hurt during the short event.

One white supremecy web site member commented in regards to the fights and arrests, "...They said two were NS supporters and were arrested for fighting. I think the Communists brought the fight on though. Of course, none of the media revealed that many of the protesters were communists and gays."


Hey you misguided homophobic racist miscreants, are ya too whacked to realize that when you have 500 protestors show up to drown out yer 30 goose stepping comrades in stupidity that maybe, just maybe the human race has just evolved beyond your particular brand of hate?


Bob said...

The sad part is that by drawing the counter-protesters and causing a scuffle, that particular brand of ignorance has succeeded.

That is the only thing keeping the neo-nazi's around, the attention they get.

Hellena Handbasket said...

...and now we know what happened to those kids from high school who thrived on negative attention. They either married into Fred Phelps family or became neo-nazis.

Good point, Bob.