Friday, February 03, 2006

From the "Stupid, Dangerous Criminal" Files....

Here we have a person who obviously did not think his alleged crime all the way through..... now in all appearances, this little angry fella has committed a crime against gay men, but let's give him at least the shadow as a doubt as to his motives since we haven't had a chance to hear his side of the story...... However, IF it was a crime committed against gays because he has an issue with homosexuality as it appears, Hellena would like to point out where this Robida fella failed to assess the consequences of his actions. When he is caught, and identified by the eye witnesses, and then is sent to trial for the alleged crime, chances are very good that he is going to end up in a jail cell for a very long time. It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to see where Hellena is going with this...... little Jacob is probably going to find himself on the receiving end of an amorous relationship while serving his sentence.... should he be convicted, of course.

That is what Hellena refers to a "poetic justice."

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