Monday, March 06, 2006

Getting Ready for the Weekend....

...already. Hellena will be out of town for a week from March 8-14 for a festival, so today's post will, be a roundup of goodies stumbled over this weekend. Enjoy!

• Bush visit taints Ghandi's memorial site. Hindu priests say it was the dog, but Hellena thinks it may have been when Bush removed his shoes.
• Thomas "Kinky" KinKade paints a dark side while marking his territory. That's some ritual, Tommy!
• Colorado Republican House member Marilyn Musgrave illustrates why she is on the list of 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress.
• Because there isn't anything else more important to legislate, lawmakers in Tennessee are trying to outlaw dildos. Write a letter if you can put down youur sex toy long enough.
• Urban couple expresses confusion after finding snake segment in a bag of frozen beans. Who knew green beans were grown outdoors where snakes live?
• Ice hockey crowd lines up for free "Runaway Bride" bobblehead doll. Well, puck me.
• Killing in the name of.... Kali. Unholy human sacrifice, Batman.

More later.....


Anonymous said...

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Hellena Handbasket said...

Glad we didn't scare you away. Most folks looking for Teddy Bears aren't so enamored of our posts!!