Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They Can't Read When They Graduate.....

... but, hey, as long as they git sum uf that ol' time relijun, Georgia is happy.
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Georgia lawmakers have approved a measure to fund elective Bible courses in public schools, raising concern among civil liberties groups the classes could violate the U.S. constitutional separation of church and state.
Isn't this what Sunday School is for? It's been a while since Hellena was darkening the doorstep of any high school, but she does remember this: there were precious few enough hours to squeeze in the necessary courses. And with Georgia consistantly falling at the bottom of the charts in education in a state to state comparison, seems they can hardly afford the distraction of another elective course.

If this is to be enacted as just a historical teaching of Biblical history & archeology, and not as an indoctrination for students as the legislators say, then Hellena proposes that ALL religions be included in a comprehensive course that covers the world's belief systems.


Bob said...

I agree, the First Online Church of "Bob" should be a required course in High School.

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

I'm confused. You maintain that Georgia's educational system needs improvement, and yet suggest that its' schoolchildren be exposed to inferior religions?

Why not send them to school with #3 pencils and textbooks that suggest that we descended from monkeys?

pissed off patricia said...

I agree, if they have the time and money to teach this shit, maybe they could pick something more useful to the kids.

I'm not sure even a religions of the world class belongs in high school. Maybe in college but in high school there are more important subjects the kids need.